Alfa Romeo 4C

Color: Alfa Romeo Red

Sophisticated Design, lightness, innovative frame. - These key words distinguish the project “IFD 4C Bicycle” designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Compagnia Ducale. We have coined the term IFD to highlight the hard work of research to lighten the frame to the utmost. The style of Alfa Romeo 4C inspired the dynamic and fluent lines of the frame that reveal a stylized “4”. The section of the frame recalls the letter “C” and introduces a world premiere carbon fibre semi-tube section, the same as the frame of Alfa Romeo 4C.

The profiles of the elements run fast towards the junctions of the handlebar, of the bottom bracket and of the saddle creating structural strong points connected by steel tie rods, exalting the frame building technique. Sporty, light, innovative, a perfect union with Alfa Romeo 4C. It’s a perfect combination of passion and future to emphasize strong emotions. Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle features unsuspected inwardness. At first glance, the most intimate folds reveal a depth that only few can admire. Style and technological innovation icon. Completely made in Italy by craftsmen in limited edition. Alfa Romeo 4C Bicycle is dedicated to those who love unique, exclusive objects.

Alfa Romeo 4C Frame Sizing

(Rider Height)

Frame:  Small (S)
160 cm - 175 cm
63 in - 69 in
Frame:  Medium (M)
176 cm - 185 cm
69 in - 73 in
Frame:  Large (L)
186 cm - 195 cm
73 in - 77 in

Alfa Romeo 4C