Frame bonded in Italy

Hand made in Italy.

Customized frame available

Customized frame available.

Mechanical gruppo

The frame can be equipped by a  mechanical gruppo.

Steel frame

Steel frame structure: a design that has been traditionally inspired but with a distinguishable classy and elegant appearance.

Columbus tubing

Very high mechanical properties such as very high ultimate tensile strength, toughness and incredible fatigue life are achieved by using steel with very fine crystal grains.

BSA bottom bracket set

Frame with BSA bottom bracket set.

Eequipped by an electronic group on request

On Request

The frame can be equipped by an electronic group.

Chrome plated joints


The chrome plated joints provide the frame with a unique and unmistakable design, which is perfect for those who have a passion for great cycling champions of the past.

Fondriest Bicycle Frames (R20 model) - Albabici Cycling Products


The SF2 frame recalls products from the past and is suitable for those wishing to relive emotions and sensations from over 50 years ago. Each particular is studied and has been re-introduced copying in full the style of the first racing frames.

Fondriest Bicycle Frames (R20 model) - Albabici Cycling Products


The front derailleur is fixed directly to the frame thanks to a bracket welded to the seat tube. This solution retraces the steps of the old bicycles and allows more stability and precision during the change.


In perfect old-style, the SF2 has the cable guides braze welded on the down tube. This feature grants a more efficient change and embellishes the look of the bike.