Fondriest History


The “perfect” geometry.

This is the philosophy that Maurizio Fondriest looks for and finally finds in every one of his bikes.

Maurizio Fondriest was born in Cles (Trento) in the heart of the Val di Non on 15 January 1965. During his 12 seasons as a professional cyclist, he added a good 69 victories to his list of successes on the road. The winner of the World Championships at the young age of 23, he won the world cycling cup in ’91 and ’93, the mythical Milano-San Remo in 1993, and collected countless successes during his career both in traditional championships as well as stages in the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.

Although a back injury forced him into early retirement in 1999, Maurizio is still active today. Living in Cles, with his wife Ornella and their two daughters, Maurizio still rides 5,000 miles a year. In the winter, he takes to to the slopes the old fashioned way - Maurizio is an avid sci alpinismo skier.

Today, as in the past, he continues to be a great fan of this sport. Careful and meticulous about the technical aspect of bicycles, his focus on the seated position -in search of the “perfect” geometry - is a legend.

After dedicating a professional career to sport, he put his family first, but the life of a great champion needs to carry on into the future and this is why Maurizio now transfers all his advice and experience to numerous up-and coming young cyclists through his extraordinary example.

Ever since he started putting his name on the first frames, he realized that every single detail of the bicycle would have to reflect his personality and professionalism. Over the past years, he has registered several patents because he has always believed in R&D, and every new idea that comes to life is a new challenge.

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Maurizio Fondriest
Maurizio Fondriest

Maurizio Fondriest

Maurizio Fondriest

Palmares - Major Placings

1987 (ECOFLAM) - 2 Victories

  • 1st: Catalonia Week (4th stage)
  • 3rd: Paris-Tours

1988 (Alfa-Lum) - 6 victories

  • 1st: Professional Road Race World Championships
  • 1st: Grand Prix de Prato
  • 1st: Tirreno-Adriatico (4th stage)
  • 1st: Tour of Sitzerland (4th stage)
  • 2nd: Milan-San Remo

1989 (Del Tongo-Colnago) - 5 victories

  • 1st: Tour of Tuscany
  • 1st: Coppa Sabatini
  • 1st: GP d'Europe

1990 (Del Tongo-Colnago) - 4 victories

  • 1st: Giro del Lazio
  • 1st: Tour of Great Britian (6th Stage)
  • 1st: Sicilian Week (overall and 3rd stage)
  • 3rd: Paris-Tours
  • 3rd: Tour of Great Britian (overall)
  • 3rd: Coppa Sabatini

1991 (Panasonic-Sportlife) - 4 victories

  • 1st: World Cup
  • 1st: Catalonia Week (3a & 3b stages)
  • 1st: Sicilian Week (3rd Stage)
  • 2nd: Amtel-Gold
  • 3rd: San Sebastian Classic
  • 3rd: Fleche-Brabanconne

1992 (Panasonic-Sportlife) - 3 victories

  • 1st: Catalonia Week (5b stage)
  • 1st: Ruta del Sol (3rd stage)
  • 2nd: Giro del Lazio

1993 (Lampre-Panaria) - 27 victories

  • 1st: World Cup
  • 1st: Milan-San Remo
  • 1st: Fleche-Wallone

1993 (Lampre-Panaria) - 27 victories

  • 1st: Gran Prix of Zurich
  • 1st: Midi-Libre (overall & 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th stages)
  • 1st: Tirreno-Adriatico (overall & 2nd & 4th stages)
  • 1st: Giro d'Italia (1B stage, 2nd overall points)
  • 1st: Cote de Montjulich
  • 1st: Catalonia Week (1st & 7th stages)
  • 1st: Ruta del Sol (5th stage)
  • 2nd: Paris-Tours
  • 2nd: Catalonia Week (overall)
  • 3rd: Liege-Bastogne-Liege
  • 3rd: Leeds Classic

1994 (Lampre-Animex-Panaria) - 9 victories

  • 1st: Giro del Lazio
  • 1st: Coppa Sabatini
  • 1st: Tour of Great Britian (overall & 1st & 3rd stages)
  • 1st: Tour of Poland (overall & 1st, 2nd & 6th stages)
  • 3rd: Zurich Championship

1995 (Lampre-Animex-Panaria) - 3 victories

  • 1st: Giro d'Italia (7th stage)
  • 1st: 3 days of La Panne (3b stage)
  • 1st: Catalonia Week (prologue)
  • 2nd: Milan-San Remo
  • 2nd: Fleche-Wallone
  • 2nd: Gent-Wevelgem
  • 2nd: Tirreno-Adriatico

1996 (Roslotto ZG Mobile) -3 victories

  • 1st: 3 days of La Panne (3b stage)
  • 1st: Tour of Poland (8th stage)
  • 2nd Tour of Poland (overall)
  • 3rd: Fleche-Wallone

1997 (Cofidis) -1 victories

  • 1st: Tour of Valencia (2nd stage)

With the first Team Manager Francesco Rensi

Colt Gold Cup with Maurizio Vandelli

Fior amateurs Team

Emilia Tour with Moreno Argentin

World Championship with Crichelon

World Championship with Villack

World championships

Winning of the Championship

With Team Manager Alfredo Martini

Win of Tuscany Tour

World Cup

World Championship in Stoccarda

World cup, leader’s jersey


Win of World cup

Win of Freccia Vallone

Win of Milano Sanremo

Win of Poland Tour

"The Tour: “Terme Lunigiane”

Milano- Sanremo  with Jalabert

Freccia Vallone with Lance Armstrong

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