Fondriest Technology

Technology Symbols

Frame bonded in Italy.

Di2 Electronic group

The frame can be equipped by an electronic group.

Carbon 1K

Outer skin in 1K carbon.

Custom made

Customized frame available.

Mechanical Group

The frame can be equipped by a  mechanical gruppo.

Carbon 3K

Outer skin in 3K carbon.

Custom built

This frame is built-to-order in Italy.

Mechanical or Electronic Group

Frames that can be equipped with mechanical and electronic group.

Exclusive frame draw

Exclusive frame draw realized by Fondriest creators and technicians.

Dropout with anti-release system

Dropout with anti-release system. A system to save cyclist's safety that is waiting for the patent registration.

Tapered head tube

Differential head tube: surfaces are perfectly “integrated” in between head tube and fork.

4x4 Twill Carbon

Outer skin in 4x4 twill carbon.

Carbon dropout

Carbon dropout.

Reflex fork

A cutting-edge fork with brand new form with inverted bend and a pentagonal head.

UDM Carbon

Outer skin in UDM carbon.

Techno alloy

High performance aluminium.

Internal Cable System

The frame with an integrated cable system is a neat feature of the cycle line and favours transmission.

UD carbon

Outer skin in UD carbon.

Integrated seat clamp

Semi-integrated seat-clamp with an oval profile and an integrated seat-stay in the top tube line.

Integrated Cable System

The exclusive system of Fondriest integrated cables. Cables go through the down tube and they are in a condition of perfect suspension, in fact there are no guides or interior tubes that may interfere with the correct functioning of gear transmission. The special integrated guide, that is the special red engineering resin “heart”, have a unique draw of guide channels aligned to direction.


Ultra Thin Seat Stays - The smaller seat-stays reduce weight and do not compromise the strength and stiffness of the frame.


Vibration Absorbing System - The special curved seatstays absorb vibration better, which protects the strength of the frame and comfort for the cyclist.


V.S. (Vibration Suppressor) - The innovative connection of the seat stays with the anterior triangle allows vibrations to be absorbed along the seat tube preventing them from being propagated towards the athlete.

4 Peaks Rear
The particular trapezoidal design allows for a stiffer and stronger structure of the entire frame.

S-Damping System - The “S” design of the seatstays eases vibrations caused from collisions with the ground and favour the fatigue life of the structure and the comfort of the seat.

Dual Pivot Brakes

The direct-attached dual pivot brakes provide much improved breaking power compared to standard caliper brakes.

Horizontal Rear brake

Disk brake post mounted on chain stay. This solution allows a more appealing shape, better braking performances and weight reduction.


Fondriest Front Derailleur Direct-Mount - The derailleur is mounted directly on the tube without the use of a hose clamp, for improved rigidity and a lighter bike.

TA12 (Through Axle 12mm)

TA12 (Through Axle 12mm)- 12mm through axle system improves stiffness and riding precision.

27,2mm. Seat Post

27,2mm. Seat Post allows to reduce the weight of the bike, keeping torsional stiffness.

UCI logo

The frame complies with the current protocol officially approved by UCI.

Disc brake

DISC BRAKE - Same braking performance in any condition. Less stress for the rim due to lack of overheating, lower rotating inertia, and no weight increase

Monocoque carbon frame

Monocoque carbon frame.

Carbon frame bonded

Carbon frame bonded: High module carbon tubes are wrought and bonded by Italian craftsmen.

Boomerang Carbon Frame

Carbon frame where monocoque elements are assembled together.  Among these, the main is the top tube, head set, down tube called boomerang.

BSA bottom bracket set

Frame with BSA bottom bracket set.

PRESS-FIT bottom bracket

Frame with PRESS-FIT bottom bracket.

BB30 bottom bracket set

Frame with BB30 bottom bracket set.

Concept To The Development



In the Fondriest workshops fantasy and ingenuity are interwoven to give life to ambitious and winning projects, mixing technique and creativity.



The best ideas are developed and accomplished throughout the use of the latest manufacturing software. This is the starting point of a product development process whose final goals are quality, innovation and safety.

Resaerch & Development


Fondriest constantly addresses the area of research and development to be able to implement new projects making each model a true gem.



Considerable attention is given to the use of materials. The choice is studied and thought about with great intent with the aim to select the most performing solution. Furthermore the best Italian craftsmen work for Fondriest as well as the most esteemed industries in this sector, producing products of excellent workmanship. The manufacturing procedures are amongst the most avant-garde and sought after, with the aim to create bicycles that are always in step with technological innovations.



The most original and revolutionary ideas are safeguarded by patent registration.



The Fondriest engineers and technicians strengthen their work with the most avant-garde technologies, borrowed from the aeronautical and motor nautical sectors. Their objective is to continually surpass themselves.

Movement Technology

Care in the Particulars


We from Fondriest are fanatical when it comes to perfection and we take care in every single detail with meticulous and patience, being aware that every bicycle is born to be a work of art.



In the Fondriest workshops very rigid testing is continuously executed in accordance with the EN-14781 rules and regulations, always trying to push the testing well over the established values. This, following the Fondriest philosophy, provides the cyclist a safer and better performing product. Very important are the road tests, which the Fondriest team and Maurizio assiduously carry out. These tests supply precious information for the continual betterment of the products.

UCI Certifications


Every model in the Fondriest range follows the indications that have been established by the most important body in world cycling: L’Union Cycliste Internationale. It is not by chance that we are amongst the world producers that have obtained the majority of certifications for their models.

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