TfDisc Tech


  • Uni-directional Mitsubishi carbon monocoque
  • 990 g frame / 380 g fork
  • 40 Tons tensile strength for 990 g raw
  • 5 sizes available
  • Tapered head tube 1-1/8 upper and 1-1/2 lower
  • Integrated cables
  • Hybrid version frame suitable both for mechanical and electronic groups
  • Introduction of the disk brake system with flat attachment both on the fork and chainstay
  • Trapezoidal-shaped rear to maintain rigidity and to compensate the tension caused by the disk clamp while braking
  • Through pin 12 back and 12 front, that make the rear extremely stiff and the front stable, all well supported by the new brake system Hydro Disk
  • Brake which ensures control and high performance in all weather and terrain conditions
  • New frame and new graphics

The high end Fondriest frame with disk technology, designed for high performance, concentrates the maximum technical contents available for this type of frame; front and rear through pins give the frame high stability and rigidity, flat disk attachments and trapezoidal rear designed to locate the brake clamp in the best position and to contrast the braking forces.

High modulus Mitsubishi carbon with various layers that make the whole section rigid, stable and at the same time comfortable.

All this designed to ensure powerful and modulable braking in all weather and terrain conditions.

Fondriest has designed this frame for the most demanding “Pros” sensitive to all the technological developments of the near future.