Limar OF8 Premium Set Eyewear

Technical Features

  • Frame:
    • Aerodynamic design
    • Material: Grilamid TR90
    • Adjustable rubber nose pad
    • Adjustable temples with adjustable rubber tips
  • Lens options:
    • OF8 PS: Premium set - both type of lens included
    • OF8 PH: Photochromic NXT lens - Antifog effect inside
    • OF8 PO: 8C/1.0 mm TAC Polarized smoke lens
  • Accessories:
    • Black microfiber pouch/cleaner
    • LIMAR case
    • Optical adapter available
Limar OF8 Premium Set Eyewear Tech
Photochromic NXT Lens
Polariazed lens
The OF8 Premium Set (OF8 PS) is an exclusive package in Limar eyewear range. Limar Premium Set includes the proposal of exclusive eyewear with two lens technologies: NXT photochromic and polarized technologies. A single pair of glasses with the excellence of two pairs of interchangeable lens for maximum visual comfort in any light and in any situation.
In addition, the OF8 series of frames are available with the following individual lens options: the Photochromic NXT lens (OF8PH Photochromic:White - OF8PH AOF8PHCESB; Green Blue - OF8PH AOF8POCE47; Black Red - OF8PH AOF8POCEZS) or the 8C/1.0 mm TAC Polarized smoke lens (OF8PO Photochromic: White - OF8PO AOF8PHCESB; Green Blue - OF8PO AOF8POCE47; Black Red - OF8PO AOF8POCEZS). Availabloe with RX Optical Adapter RXOF8.