Accessories / Spare Parts

Tubo Bag (for flask/water cage)

Material: Cordura® Fabric
Mounting: Velcro™ Straps
Weight: 1.4 oz
Volume: 500 cc
Code: BG017010515WT
SCICON Fuel Belt
Material: Brushed Elastic Band



Triathlon Race Belt
Material: Brushed Elastic Band



2 Wheel Covers

Material: Polyester / Cotton
Code: SP051000310
Saddle/Shoes Soft Bag
Derailleur Protector Cage
Material: Steel




45 oz

Code: SP053000520
Storage Bag for Bike Bag for AeroComfort 2.0 and 3.0
Code: TP005300055
Workshop Apron
Material: Polyester / Cotton
Code: AP11276ALM
ABF Boomerang
Code: TP101105600
(compatible 29 3.0 - 15 mm x 10 mm)
ABF Boomerang
Code: TP101000504
quick release)
Antishock Bike Frame Black
Code: TP101000509
(from 2.0 to 3.0)

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