Transportation - AeroTechTM Evolution TSA

You like the fuselage ? The AeroTech is actually quite similar to an aircraft: simple outside but loaded with comfort and features inside....
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  1. Take the seatpost/saddle out of the bike frame. Remember to sellotape the seatpost: this will help Tips & Tricksyou to have the same position of the saddle during the reassembly. [fig.1]
  2. Loosen the handlebar stem and turn it 90° in order to avoid the contact between the brake levers and the wheels. [fig.2] Then, loosen the screws on the side of the stem. We suggest to protect the handlebar with bubble wrap. Be sure that the handlebar does not touch bike front fork.
  3. Open the front and rear bike brake levers. Remove front and rear bike wheels, remove the quick release skewer and put the bike frame into the bottom shell with padded interior of Aerotech Evolution.
  4. Protect bike frame with Antishock tubes and fasten it with the 3 internal safety belts that are fixed around the perimeter of the case. The bike is hanging by the straps when upright. Warning: only if you remove the Handlebar: Some bikes have stems that open so hadlebars can be removed intact. If applicable, open stem, remove the bar and reattach stem parts. On threaded forks looson top stem bolt and tap it to loosen stem. On threadless headset forks remove the top screw and cap.
  5. Place handlebar depending on the length of the brake and shifter cables and their routing, the handlebar might end up with several different configurations for packing. Carefully move the bar around to get the desirable position that offers the most protection for the levers and the bicycle tubing.
  6. Secure the handlebars with Velcrostrap  ART. SP 070 01 05 22.
  7. Clean the seat tube, cover the saddle and the pedals with bubble wrap and put everything inside Soft Bag ART. SP 000 00 05 14 supplied. Place the Soft Bag into a convenient place and tie it.
  8. Using the Steel Quick Release ART. SP 000 00 00 11 supplied to fix bike wheels on Aerotech Evolution put the front bike wheel on the left side of Aerotech Evolution and cover it with the Bike wheel cover ART. SP 051 00 09 10 supplied. Repeat the same operation with the rear bike wheel on the right side of Aerotech Evolution. Make sure the bike wheels don't contact the bike frame. 1. For an additional precaution and a proper use it is advisable to remove the left pedal. The right one will be placed among the spokes of the wheel. In case of lenticular wheel, remove both of the pedals.
  9. Turn the bottom bracket with the pedal crank parallel to the rear axle, protected by an Antishock tube ART. SP 070 17 05 23. Fix the chain around the crank to avoid to damage it with Velcrostrap ART. SP 070 01 05 22.
  10. Turn the front gear forward, fix it with Velcrostrap ART. SP 070 01 05 22 to the rear axle and cover with bubble wrap. To protect all the other parts from chain's oil and the gear we suggest you to use the Gear Bike Cover ART. TP 010 00 05 19 (not supplied, available as optional [fig.4]) or wrap them up with bubble wrap.


  • Insert the flask into the flask holder. Must be empty mate...
  • Remove computer, cardio frequency meter or SRM from the bike. Electronic parts are subject to customs examination. It is better to carry them on yourself.
  • Important for Carbon Bikes owners. Remember to take the dynamometric key with you in the case your bike has seat tube, handlebar or other parts in Carbon. This tool will help you not to damage these parts.
  • Pad any painted surfaces. Pipe insulation or bubble wrap works good. Protect the bike frame with Antishock tubes ART. SP 070 17 05 23.
  • Tie all moveable parts down. We suggest our Velcro strap ART. SP 070 01 05 22.
  • Remember to deflate the wheels of the bike. It is compulsory for air travels. (tires may implode with altitude)
  • Check all nuts and bolt that hold on the Aerotech Evolution wheels (ART. SP 000 00 00 70) and general conditions of the bike case before each use. This prevent any future potential problem.


An over 30 Kg load (1.058 Oz) can irreparably damage Aerotech Evolution. This bike box has been designed for the transportation of the bike and not of personal belongings.

If you have heavy objects put them in another luggage. Physical damage of Aerotech resulting from overloading or use unintended by SCICON is not warranty covered.

Aerotech Evolution offers great protection to your bike and we are not aware of any instance of a bike being damaged while packed inside one. However, if subjected to very rough handling, Aerotech Evoution itself may sustain damage. This is the fault of the baggage handlers, not of the bike box.

Be sure to check Aerotech Evolution when it is returned to you. If you notice damage, submit a claim to the carrier before you leave the airport.

Light dirt and grime may be removed by using a water wet cotton cloth. For stubborn stains we recommend to wash Aerotech Evolution with soft cotton cloth mild soap and warm water. Do not use paper towels or any other wood fiber paper products or abrasive cleaners.

The chemical resistance for ABS thermoplastic of Aerotech Evolution is good and it is not affected by water, non organic salts, acids and basic, aqueous acids, alkalis, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, alcohols and animal, vegetable and mineral oils.

Do not clean or use Acetone (Ketone). The plastic material will dissolve !


Defective material and workmanship are covered under lifetime warranty. (with a proof of purchase)

To have your case repaired or have parts replaced, call SCICON customer service at +39 0424 51 88 78 or send mail to for authorization or consultation.

Our normal terms and shipping charges apply to the return of the repaired or replaced articles.

Ship Aerotech Evolution, including Name, Phone, Address clearly printed to our Headquarters in Italy.

SCICON will, at its discretion, repair or replace Aerotech Evolution and/or parts provided the owner returns Aerotech Evolution freight prepaid. Physical damage resulting from abuse, misuse, neglect, improper repair, alterations, overloading or use unintended by SCICON is not covered. Warranty is void if Aerotech Evolution has been improperly modified, cut, or foreign attachments adhered.