SMPTech Bib Shorts
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SMPTech Bib Shorts - Albabici Cycling Products SMPTech Bib Shorts - Albabici Cycling Products

Central opening: smp4bike news
Your physiological needs can finally be conveniently satisfied without all the stress due to undressing. The central channel  of the Smp4bike bike range has enabled putting an innovative pair of shorts with a zipper in the lower part. The zipper does not rub against the seat and does not press on intimate body parts: you do not even realize it is there until you need it

Fabric: Performer
It is a stretch, breathable, resistant fabric that is easy to maintain and very comfortable. These characteristics give cyclists the right protection, comfort and wellness.

Bottom: SmpTech
The fruit of combining various materials, SmpTech is the new seamless bottom. This lets the cyclist diversify and better distribute his or her weight on the seat. The central part of the  bottom is divided into two parts, with higher density padding. The latter, joined and then perforated, increases breathability and the passage of heat toward the outside. Comfortable even after many washings, its performance remains unaltered.

SMPTech Bib Shorts - Albabici Cycling Products
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