Ursus Miura C37 Carbon Clincher Wheelset




Road racing cycling wheel Miura C37 is the Ursus concept for clincher. A 37 mm profile UD monocoque rims with HPS shield that provides improved dissipation of heating derived from prolonged braking on the carbon. Equipped with aluminum hubs featuring low friction technology Ursus BBS, carbon-aluminum hubs are available as well on request.

Disk version available.


  • HUBS: CARBON-ALLOY black. Seal ball bearing high fluidity SKF. System BBS. Also available with CERAMIC bearings.
  • WEIGHT: Front 670 gr, rear 860 gr (Disc: Front 796 gr, rear 910 gr)
  • RIM: Made in Italy. Rim: 28” Clincher rim. Monocoque 100% unidirectional carbon fiber. Brake pads black prince Swiss stop.
  • PROFILE: Height 36 mm, Wide profile 24 mm. (Disc: Height 37 mm, Wide profile 26 mm.)
  • SPOKES: Inox flat spokes. Straight pull head and bend head rear cassette body side. Front: 20. Rear: 24.
  • NIPPLES: Black external brass nipples thread lock system.
  • QUICK RELEASE: Ursus WB05 alloy quick release
  • Comes with wheel bag