Ursus Miura T24 Carbon Tubular Wheelset




Conceived to face the toughest world competitions and developed during the Giro d’Italia, “T” series road racing cycling wheels represent a choice for champions. A Made in Italy 3K carbon monocoque 24 mm rim, ideal on every path, particularly aggressive on flats. A pair of carbon-aluminum Ursus hubs ensuring the best energy transfer on asphalt, thanks to the BBS technology and geometry of wheels. Reliability, lightness and power are the benefits of these Ursus MIURA T24 top class wheels dedicated to professional “Gladiators”.

Disk Version available.


  • HUBS: CARBON-ALLOY black; Rear axle in alloy AL7075. Seal ball bearings high fluidity. System BBS. Also available with CERAMIC bearings.
  • WEIGHT: Front 535 gr, rear 675 gr (Disc: Front 575 g - Rear 730 g.)
  • RIM: Made in Italy. 28” - Ø 700 tubular.  Monocoque 100% carbon fiber 3K HPS heating protection shield e HTG High TG resin. Height profile H 24 mm. Valve hole Ø 6 mm. Brake pads - black prince Swiss stop
  • PROFILE: Height 24 mm, Wide profile 22,3 mm.
  • SPOKES: Straight pull head spokes. SAPIM CX-Ray, radial/ 16-8 3° crossing right side. Front: 20 spokes, Rear: 24 spokes.
  • NIPPLES: Black aluminium external type with locking system.
  • QUICK RELEASES: Ursus WB04 alloy quick release with CrMoLi Axle.