Limar Eyewear Technical Features


To go far, you need to see clear. Both in life and in sport. That’s why we have created our eyewear collection with the highest performances, taking into high consideration the real visual comfort of the rider while cycling. Models with photochromic lenses, in polycarbonate and interchangeable, to suit with flexibility any cyclist need, with a particular care to the design, studied for the perfect combination of Limar glasses with our helmets.

When not worn, the Limar glasses are easily lodged on the helmet, they remain perfectly supported without generating vibrations.

Glasses on helmet

Photochromic LIMAR NXT Lenses (OF8 model)

Limar photochromic lens automatically adjust to the sun light intensity, and are the ideal solution for outdoor sports in any light condition, adjusting to the quantity of light that reaches the eye. Limar has selected the sophisticated NXT technology that offers very fast lens adapting to the sun UV radiation intensity, so to guarantee an outstanding visual experience.

NXT photochromic lens offer top performances, thanks to the combination of the revolutionary Trivex material, and the most sophisticated control and light reaction techniques.

Trivex is a super light material, which is, at the same time, incredibly strong and resistant; offering the perfect balance between the physical and visual performances of the lens, and granting an incredible long life and protection, combined with a top quality visual clearness.

The visual performances are also further enhanced by the NXT photochromic technology with its ultra fast phase change from light exposure and back to clearness. Limar photochromic lens are fitted with an excellent anti-fog and nano effect coatings (depending on models).

Technical features:

  • 100% UVA/UVB rays protection
  • Super light for long lasting comfort
  • Safety, protection and extreme resistance
  • Antifog, scratch-resistant
  • Fast shifting from darkening to the lightening phases
  • Nano effect keeping the lenses clear from dirt or wetness
Albabici Cycling Products -  Photochromic LIMAR lens

Photochromic LIMAR lenses (OF9.5 model)

Photochromic lenses are the tint changing lenses that darken when exposed to UV rays from the sun. These lenses combine fashion with comfort and offer protection from the damaging effects of UV radiation and glare while at the same time enhancing quality of vision.

How do they work?

When there is no UV light present, such as the case with artificial lighting, the molecules are transparent to visible light. This is why the lenses stay clear indoors. However, when the lenses are exposed to UV rays, such as in sunlight, the molecules undergo a chemical process that causes them to change shape. The number of molecules that change shape varies with the strength of the UV rays. When a user wearing photochromic lenses travels from outdoors to indoors or from shade to sun, a different chemical reaction occurs and the lenses adapt to the light darkening or fading back.

Technical features:

  • Photochromic lens 8Cd gray to gray with antifog inside and olephobic treatment
  • Cat. 1 to Cat.3 (start changing color to darker 20-30 sec)
Albabici Cycling Products -  Photochromic LIMAR lens
Albabici Cycling Products -  Polarized LIMAR lens

Polarized LIMAR lens

LIMAR polarized lens offer a supreme eye protection and an absolute visual comfort: they are the ideal solution in any intense light conditions, since they prevent reflection, especially near water, snow or reflective surfaces.

Limar polarized lens technology combines an up-to-date optical quality to a superior light transmission.

  • Improve the perception of the contrasts
  • Improve the clearness of vision also from distance
  • Do not alter natural colours
  • Reduce sight tiredness
  • Grant 100% UV rays protection
Polycarbonate Interchangeable LIMAR lens

Polycarbonate Interchangeable LIMAR lens

Polycarbonate lens transmission index:

The range of LIMAR eyewear polycarbonate lens is supplied with 3 pairs of interchangeable lens, that can be easily replaced.

Each type of polycarbonate lens in the Limar range has its own percentage of transmitted light, that makes it ideal for any specific situation. The light transmitted by the lens depends on its colour and coating.

Clear lens - transmission: 88-93% (Cat.0)

Orange lens - transmission: 46-55% (Cat.1)

Polycarbonate LIMAR lens

Polycarbonate LIMAR lens

Polycarbonate used in Limar range has distinctive features of transparency, resistance and a high refraction index. Strength points are:

  • Anti-fog coating (depending on models)
  • Anti-glare treatment
  • 100% protection from UV rays up to 400 nm
  • Ultra light and thin
  • Impact resistant
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