Selle SMP E-Bike Concept Saddles

A new frontier in ergonomics for E-Bikes


E-Bike Concept


E-City Gel

E-Sport Medium Gel

E-Sport Large Gel


Special padding for E-Bike use
Special geometry of the padding with differentiated densities in the different points of the saddle. For excellent comfort even when sitting longer in the saddle, which is typical of e-Bikes.

Self-modeling Gel
Self-modeling Gel layer designed to mould to the user’s anatomy and decrease pressure on anatomical points by 30%. For higher comfort and unique well-being.

Attractive design
Attractive design to enhance the style of the latest generation electric bikes.

Velvet Touch
New matt black Velvet Touch cover for improved strength and durability.

Rear depression

Ergonomic design to protect the coccyx from bruises and shocks caused by the roughness of the terrain

Central channel
  • no compression in the perineal and prostate areas
  • no genital numbness and tingling
  • natural blood flow
  • higher muscular fluidity and power
  • greater genital area ventilation
Eagle beak tip
  • greater comfort in low position
  • maximum freedom of advance on the saddle tip
  • no genital compression
  • maximum saddle adjustment range
  • best shock absorption
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SMP E-City Gel Saddle
SMP E-Sport Medium Gel Saddle
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